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This site is a mirror of the original that was designed and hosted by the (now defunct) Twisted Pear Productions, which produced the Camouflage steganography software. That software is available here for download as freeware according to the original publisher's licensing terms. No support is available for the freeware and Unfiction Inc. makes no claim as to its suitability for any purpose or use.

This site and the steganography software contained herein are not affiliated with and should not be confused for the data-masking products produced by Camouflage Software Inc., based in Newfoundland, Canada.

Find out more about Camouflage Software's data-masking products by clicking here.

Technical Support and Feedback

We regret that Camouflage is no longer supported or developed. The decision to abandon the project came after much debate, but we can no longer spare the resources needed to continue to provide quality service and support.

We hope that you will continue to use 'Camouflage', and although we will ensure that this site remains on-line for as long as possible, we encourage you to distribute Camouflage from your own 'unofficial' web site. Feel free to mirror these pages and to include the FAQ.

Please be aware that is in no way affiliated with Camouflage software or it's developers.

The owners of the site have mirrored our site on their server, but any emails sent to them regarding Camouflage software will be deleted without being read.

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